Abortion Support

Hello. I am here for you. I offer my wholehearted acceptance and support in your decision to end your pregnancy.

Choosing to end a pregnancy can be a very difficult decision. There are many personal reasons why a woman may choose this path; for some it is a clear choice, while for others they are uncertain and will need time and support to come to their decision. No matter what the circumstances, having a support person with you during this time can make all the difference. There is no reason why you should go through this alone!


I am thankful that we live in a time and a place where an abortion is accessible and affordable to women. As your doula, I can help you find the resources that most suit you, as there are many holistic and clinical options available.

Abortion support includes:

  • Talk therapy: I am here to listen.
  • Preparation and knowledge of what to expect with an abortion.
  • Phone, email and text support.
  • Nutritional and herbal suggestions for nourishing your body after an abortion.
  • House call and/or transportation to and from the clinic.
  • My presence during the procedure, or, as a support for you in the waiting room.
  • Assistance using natural pain management techniques such as breathwork, meditation, and touch.
  • If requested, the creation of a personalized ritual for closure and healing.


Fees for support

$65 for the initial informational consultation where I help you make a plan.

$25/hour for in-person support during and after the abortion. I will pick you up and take you there and bring you home.

$25/hour for in-person at home support. Minimum 2 hours.


Whatever you decided to do, I hope you find ease and comfort in your decision. You are not alone.

With love,


Sadie is an amazing, compassionate and very knowledgeable doula! Throughout my home birth Sadie encouraged me to dance, move and work with my body and my baby. When my daughter‘s Head was tilted Funny during labour Sadie knew just what to do to get her in the right position. During my postpartum period she was a wonderful help bringing me tea and snacks when I needed it and listened to my exhausted, ecstatic, hormonal mind rant and rejoice. I would highly recommend Sadie as a doula!! -Marika Hall


Sadie was our doula for our first baby and she was terrific. She has a beautiful energy and lots of ideas, not to mention knowledge! She really knows her stuff. She made helpful suggestions both during pregnancy and labour, but didn't push anything if I didn't feel comfortable. She was there to support me no matter what, not push any kind of agenda or opinion.

Our labour was long and I was so grateful to have her on our team - she was helpful and resourceful and cheerful and supportive. She danced with us to help labour progress, walked up and down the halls a million times, spelled my partner off so he could go outside or just take a break to clear his head, and was right there holding my leg when it came time to push. I felt surrounded by care with her and my partner on either side of me - I think i would have felt much more fearful without her.

As helpful as she was to me, she may have been even more helpful to my partner - she helped him to see where he could fit in to the whole process, relieved his fears and gave him breaks to take care of himself. He had this to say about her "she was so cool and easy to get along with. She really met us where we were at and instilled confidence in the process. She was calm and helped me feel empowered at the hospital when I was unsure how to help. I was initially skeptical about hiring a doula, but I was absolutely grateful she was there." -Jessamy