Birth Philosophy

I believe that women’s bodies are meant to birth babies, and I believe in the physiological process of birth.

Every woman is unique, and we all walk our own path. Some women will receive more than they ever thought was possible, while others may not be able to have the birth experience they had hoped for.

I believe that women have the right to choose how and where they want to birth; whether it is at home or in a hospital, a natural birth or a medicated birth. I also believe that if a woman is self-reflective and seeks the tools that she will need to support the process, she will feel empowered to birth her baby as she wishes.

I realize that there are many women who are not comfortable with the idea of birthing outside of a hospital, but perhaps they would like to try for a natural hospital birth; and perhaps not.

I completely respect the choices made by my clients. Not everyone wants an unmedicated home birth. As a doula, I am an advocate for conscious birthing. To me conscious birthing means that a woman has the tools to be present and aware of all of the sensations and emotions flowing through her body and mind during the birth process. Also, that a woman is engaged and empowered to take ownership of the way she chooses to birth her baby, that she is able to make informed decisions about her birth and has given consent to all medical and non-medical interventions.

I feel that being conscious of your birth is important, because at the end of the day it is you that is left with the memories of your baby’s birth.  Even if everything goes sideways, I believe that if you are a conscious participant in what is happening you will be left with a sense of empowerment.

Generations of women have learned to entrust their bodies to the hands of others (doctors/professionals). Subsequently we, as women, have a long journey back to building a deeper level of trust in our bodies, in our ability to birth, heal and transform.


Remember: it’s your body, it’s your birth, and it’s your choice!