If you are thinking of getting pregnant in the next year let’s talk!

Customized Preconception Planning

Using a holistic approach for your overall well-being and fertility, I will help you look at your nutritional, physical and reproductive health and make a plan for the coming months or years.



Initial meeting and plan: $85 for 3 hours.

$25/hour for subsequent meetings. Minimum 2 hours.

Your general health and well-being impacts your baby’s health. I would suggest that you start to think about ways to be in optimal health (optimal for you) before you conceive.


For far too many, pregnancy and birth is still something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves.
Sheila Kitzinger

Things to think about now.

Introduce more organic foods in to your diet. Or at least avoiding “the dirty dozen”. Also, it’s good to know that the cost for organic farming is prohibitive for a lot of small farmers, but they still are organic in practice. Check-in with your local farm and see what their farming practices are like.

Limit high mercury fish.

Protect yourself from toxins and pollutant by making healthy choices when it comes to makeup, body products, household cleaners and detergents.

Commit to de-stressing. Take the time to unwind and relax. Exercise, meditation, yoga, or counselling can be good outlets.

Research is revealing that our environment in the womb can have an affect on our later physical and mental health. A neat TED talk touches on this.

Balance your hips and pelvis. Why? Because, not only will this make pregnancy more comfortable but it will aid in an easier birth. I would suggest seeing your favourite body worker: a physiotherapist, massage therapist, or osteopath to name a few.

Balance your pelvic floor! This means not only focusing on a strong pelvic floor but also a relaxed one. If your pelvic floor is too tight or imbalanced, birth can be very challenging, on the other hand if your pelvic floor is too weak you may find yourself with issues of incontinence during pregnancy or postpartum. If you are a highly athletic person; such as a dancer, runner, avid yogi (you know who you are) horseback rider etc. I would strongly suggest you see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Actually, I think everyone should see one.

Bring yourself to a body weight that is right for you. The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes, it’s about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating.

And finally, get exercise, in whatever way makes you happy!

I hope this helps!

With love,


Sadie is an amazing, compassionate and very knowledgeable doula! Throughout my home birth Sadie encouraged me to dance, move and work with my body and my baby. When my daughter‘s Head was tilted Funny during labour Sadie knew just what to do to get her in the right position. During my postpartum period she was a wonderful help bringing me tea and snacks when I needed it and listened to my exhausted, ecstatic, hormonal mind rant and rejoice. I would highly recommend Sadie as a doula!! -Marika Hall


Sadie was our doula for our first baby and she was terrific. She has a beautiful energy and lots of ideas, not to mention knowledge! She really knows her stuff. She made helpful suggestions both during pregnancy and labour, but didn't push anything if I didn't feel comfortable. She was there to support me no matter what, not push any kind of agenda or opinion.

Our labour was long and I was so grateful to have her on our team - she was helpful and resourceful and cheerful and supportive. She danced with us to help labour progress, walked up and down the halls a million times, spelled my partner off so he could go outside or just take a break to clear his head, and was right there holding my leg when it came time to push. I felt surrounded by care with her and my partner on either side of me - I think i would have felt much more fearful without her.

As helpful as she was to me, she may have been even more helpful to my partner - she helped him to see where he could fit in to the whole process, relieved his fears and gave him breaks to take care of himself. He had this to say about her "she was so cool and easy to get along with. She really met us where we were at and instilled confidence in the process. She was calm and helped me feel empowered at the hospital when I was unsure how to help. I was initially skeptical about hiring a doula, but I was absolutely grateful she was there." -Jessamy