"Sadie is a wonderful, warm and knowledgeable teacher who suffuses her classes with a safe and nourishing energy. Her deeply rooted personal practice and background in dance inspire me towards deepening my own practice."


"After your yoga class Sadie, my mind and body felt relieved and exhausted at the same time. I looked forward to an exceptionally good sleep on those nights. We miss you! "


"For someone who has never taken Yoga and is a male well into their 50’s, taking a Yoga class can be intimidating. Not so with Sadie Hodson. She made everyone feel comfortable. The classes I attended had seasoned yoga practitioners to neophytes like me. It was apparent that everyone including me enjoyed the classes and got a lot out of them. I can’t wait for my next sessions with her."



When I take the time to move my body and breathe, there is a sense of spaciousness created when I am no longer battling the constant bombardment of my thoughts.