I believe the better you get to know your body (and mind), especially as you grow your baby, the more present you will be to all of its shifts and changes.

Practicing yoga strengthens and prepares your mind and body for labour and motherhood; practicing to control your mind via breath and movement is an invaluable tool in managing the intensity of labour and well, life as a parent.  

A Prenatal yoga practice is different from a Yoga practice. The classes that I teach focus on moving your body safely to prepare for labour and birth. My teaching is rooted in Hatha yoga, but I believe strongly in functional movement. I draw from a background of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga.   

In my class there is an emphasis on balance, breath, stillness, and strength (of body and mind). As a doula trained in Spinning Babies methodology I also believe that balancing the pelvis is key for labour. So we will develop balance and an awareness of your pelvic floor. lastly I introduce comfort measures and positions that may be useful in labour.  


Looking forward to seeing you in class!

 What does a Prenatal class with me look like?  

  •  We open with a group check in; you let me know how your body is feeling and what you’d like to stretch and move. Everybody gets a chance to share. 
  • Relaxation: 5-10 minutes of breathing and visualization.
  • Movement: starting with a slow full body warm up, and then into some more active movement with longer holds and stretches. Then slowing down with some passive stretching.  
  • Relaxation: 10 minute resting state. A chance to integrate all that you’ve done and take stillness to rejuvenate. 


Private Classes

Non doula clients:

  • First session is a minimum duration of 1.5 hours: $75
  • Afterwards sessions are $55/hour.
  • $ 75 for 1.5 hours.
  • $90 for 2 hours.

I am happy to accommodate friends up to a max of 4 people.

Additional people: $20 per person

Doula clients:

  • $30/hr. Minimum 2 hours per session. Time can be negotiable, however two hours goes quickly.

I am happy to accommodate friends up to a max of 4 people.

Additional people: $20 per person.